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Custom-Built Paintball Guns

Nothing sets you apart on the field like having your own custom paintball guns and pistols. Rap4 has a complete inventory of customized markers that mimic some of the finest tactical guns in military history. The MG42 machine gun, for example, played a major role for the Alliance troops in World War II. Rap4 can recreate this gun for use on the paintball field and customize it using a Tippman 98C with an E-Grip and a Hammerhead barrel. With custom-built paintball machine guns and accessories, you gain a tactical advantage over ill-equipped troops. Some customized paintball guns from Rap4 include:

  • Browning 30-caliber machine gun
  • Tippman AK-A5
  • M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

Some custom paintball guns like the M249 come with realistic firing modes and shoot up to 420 rounds per minute. If you want to take your game to another level, gain an advantage with Rap4's customized paintball guns for field games.

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T68 M1919 Browning Machine Gun T68 M1919 Browning Machine Gun

T68 M1919 Browning Machine Gun

Price: £2,844.40 Inc VAT