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Paintball - Exalt

Rap4 UK offer a great range of Exalt. See above for the range. Don't forget you can use the search bar up the top or if in doubt give us a call on 01594 546477.
Barrel Accessories Bottle / Tank Accessories
Barrel Sleeves and Barrel Socks, all different shapes and sizes.
All types of tank covers and grips can be found here.
Clothing / Footwear / Bags Exalt Custom Goggle Straps
Get you exalt Shoes, Slide Shorts, Elbow Pads, Pants and more here!
Goggle / Lens Protection Gun Upgrades / Maintenance
Best way to protect your goggles lenses and goggles...in style!
Here you will find the range of Exalt Grease, Oil and Cloths
Hopper Accessories Regulator / Reg Grips
Here you will find a range of speedfeeds and speedgates for your Paintball Hopper / Loader in a variety of colours!
Regulator or Reg grips for a Range of Paintball  Guns. We stock almost every colour you can think of.
Team Pod / Pot Bins
Great way of keeping your pods all tidy. Simply throw them in here when your done!