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Qloader is the Innovator of the world’s best paintball loading systems, period. This is more than just a paintball hopper.

There are a couple things to Keep in mind when picking a mod for your marker:

* A5, X7, 98, and Tiberius Mods are not interchangeable with any other marker. They will only be good for the marker they were designed for.
* The Ion mod fits any marker with the Impulse thread pattern, ie. AGD Tac One, Angel, Indian Creek Designs, Invert Mini etc..
* P8 Mod fits any marker with a smooth feed neck of the same 7/8″ diamiter, ie. VL, MR Spyders, Mini Mags, Auto Mags, Ariakons, T-68 etc..
* Spyder mod kits fit only Spyders having two screws holding the feed neck on and that go OVER the feed neck tabs and NOT THRU the tabs.
* The direct feed adapter fits 7/8 in feed necks that are smooth only.

QLoader Mod Kits QLoader Packages
Here you will find the Mod Kit to turn your paintball gun into a QLoader Fed Paintball Beast!
Here you will find packages. These are packages for QLoader products including harness's.
QLoader Parts and Accessories
Here you will find replacement parts and upgrades for your QLoader System.